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chema madoz is a surrealist photographer whose work i’ve seen floating around the interwebs but never knew who was behind them. his work stood out to me because it was funny and clever, which is a unique quality for surrealism. (x)

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Honestly I’m sick of seeing posts equating being mean or bullying to being angry with your oppressor. Or posts about “fighting fire with fire”. Or thinking social JUSTICE is about equality. Or that reverse racism, reverse sexism, and heterophobia are real things. Or that there are privileges…

That random guy down the street who just catcalled you? Yeah, he’s a jackass.

Those white dudes who called you a racial slur? Yeah, they’re jackasses. 

The cis person who called someone a ‘tranny’? Yeah, they’re a jackass.

But you can’t doxx, threaten, harass, and send hate mail to people who never did anything to you simply because they’re associated with the person who was cruel to you. That’s more than just ‘being angry with your oppressor’, that’s being fucking psychotic. 

Quit with the whole ‘but we’re just venting!’ argument. Venting is talking about your frustrations. What’s happening now is bullying, racism, heterophobia, and sexism. It’s still a fucking ‘ism even when you apply it to the other side.

This is not a difficult concept.

Chill out I’ve never sent hate mail to anyone. And getting called out for being problematic is not hate. Its a lot more than someone calling you a name. Hell if that’s what oppression was we’d all have a lot easier of a time haha. I’m sorry that someone was mean to you but honestly if you going around saying that reverse racism and sexism as well as cishetphobia are real things or as just as pressing of an issue as actual racism, sexism, and homophobia you need a reality check. Also nice ablelistic and transphobic slurs, really makes me believe you care about these people.

What slurs did I use in this post that weren’t directly used as an example? Don’t put words in my mouth.

You can ‘call someone out’ without being a bully and without making it look like you’re just trying to find a way to be offended. And it’s not reverse racism/sexism, it’s just plain racism and sexism if you’re discriminating against men and white people for no reason.

You used both the words Psychotic and tr*nny…
Also I’ve called a lot of people out both on the internet and in person and I’m usually very polite about it, but tone policing isn’t cool either. If someone said something homophobic to or about me, you better believe I’d be pissed. Defending myself =/= bullying. And it’s not “finding things to be offended by” that doesn’t even make sense. I don’t know how that whole idea spread, but it’s dismissive and condescending. Racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism transphobic, body shaming all these things offend me, I didn’t decide to be offended by those things.
Okay but racism and sexism are power structures. It’s not as simple as just prejudice. You can’t be racist towards white people, you can’t be sexist to men.
Stereotypes about white people and/or are not harmful in the same way that stereotypes about women and poc are.
Often stereotypes/jokes about oppressive groups are done to make light of their oppression or for safety reasons (like assuming all members of an oppressive group are dangerous).
To go back to an example you gave, a woman walking down the street gets catcalled, feels objectified and humiliated so she says “men are pigs” and you’re more angry she said that than you are that men are constantly belittling and harassing women. Just saying

Psychotic isn’t a slur.

I used ‘tranny’ as an example. I am ACKNOWLEDGING that it’s a slur for the purposes of my argument.

All I’m saying is that you’re allowed to be angry with how things are, but don’t take it out on people who never did anything to you. Yeah, one guy was mean to you? That doesn’t mean all guys are horrible. 

Just saying.

Okay yes ps*chotic is a slur.
And clearly you aren’t listening because it isn’t about ONE MAN, or ONE WHITE PERSON, or ONE STRAIGHT PERSON.
It’s about patriarchy, white supremacy, and heteronornativity.

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